Youth Mental Health

The transition from adolescence to adulthood is associated with frequent mental health problems which affect some individuals but not others, suggesting individual differences in risk and resilience. Moreover, in some cases, mental health problems can be transient and benign, in other cases certain complaints and symptoms can also be potential signs of more serious issues, such as psychosis, which can be disruptive to young people's lives.

The YouR-study seeks to understand the factors which protect adolescents and young adults from developing serious mental health problems and those which predispose individuals towards developing mental health issues. We hope that the YouR-study will be informative for developing effective strategies for early intervention and understanding risk and resilience.

Below are some complaints which can be an indicator for serious mental health problems:

  • Difficulty organizing thoughts or speech
  • Lack of pleasure in formerly enjoyed activities
  • Hearing things such as voices others do not hear
  • Suspicion of others
  • Feeling a loss of control over thoughts

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