Goals of YouR-Study

The YouR-Study is a research project funded by the Medical Research Council (MRC). The goal of this study is to identify biological and psychological factors that predispose individuals towards developing serious mental health problems, such as psychosis. The YouR-study thus does not offer treatment for mental health problems. Instead, as part of the research protocol, we offer comprehensive psychological assessments for the early diagnosis and detection of mental health problems. As part of the evaluation procedure, appropriate referrals to mental health services will be made.

About Us

The YouR-Study involves a team of academic researchers, clinical psychologists and psychiatrists at the University of Glasgow and Edinburgh who have extensive experience in mental health research. To find out more about us click on the links below:

Lead Investigators:
Dr. Peter J. Uhlhaas, University of Glasgow

Prof Andrew Gumley, University of Glasgow
Dr Ruchika Gajwani, University of Glasgow
Prof Matthias Schwannauer, University of Edinburgh
Prof Stephen M. Lawrie, University of Edinburgh

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